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Surveillance and counter surveillance

CSS directs surveillance operations at the highest level of client expectations and our operatives are chosen from the very best of ex police and military personnel. The client receives a full pictorial report and video evidence prepared to the most exacting legal and evidential standards.

Do you feel you may be being followed or your communications intercepted? Call us and ask us about or counter surveillance services including Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug sweeping)


Do you have a problem affecting you personally, your business or organization? Let us investigate using our specialist ex police investigators who have a huge experience in desktop investigation, Open Source Intelligence, witness interviewing techniques, evidence gathering, covert CCTV cameras and surveillance.

Tracing of individuals or assets

Has somebody you trust absconded with your money or are you just trying to find a long lost friend or family member? We have an extremely high success rate in tracing individuals and assets. Our team are waiting to hear from you.

Covert cameras and technical surveillance

CSS has a huge experience of installing completely invisible CCTV cameras and recorders and transcribing the evidence produced into fully disclosable reports for the police and legal profession. This has been one of our most popular forms of capturing evidence against thieves, fraudsters, flytippers and other perpetrators of anti social crime. We also have a wide range of covert audio and GPS tracking services and all of our work is fully compliant with all aspects of the law.
Investigative Training Courses
Investigative Training Courses
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Flytipping and anti social behavior
Is anti social behavior affecting your community?

Flytipping is one of the major problems draining local authorities budgets and upsettling our communities. We can help with some highly effective solutions using a combination of covert cameras and professional witnesses. We also specialize in collecting evidence in the same fashion against perpetrators of anti social behavior including graffiti, intimidation and drug dealing.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT is one of the most important tools in any modern investigators armoury. The wealth of information on the open source internet is astounding if you know how and where to find it and an OSINT investigation can often give an investigator a real edge with progressing an investigation into surveillance or more complex enquiries. We can undertake your OSINT research for you or why not come onto one of our accredited OSINT courses?

Security Penetration Testing

How good is the security of your company? Could somebody get into your offices and walk around your desks or secure areas unchallenged? Let us try with your permission. You may find the results surprising, revealing and even shocking. It will certainly make you review your security and often a few small changes can make all the difference between the safety and security of your business and your staff.